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The Inman Aligner

InDental are pleased to introduce a new and leading edge cosmetic dentistry treatment, The Inman Aligner. This revolutionary concept sees protruding or crowded teeth transformed in a matter of weeks, straightening teeth safely and quickly. The Inman Aligner is a clear plastic retainer with two spring loaded aligning bars that fit easily over the front six teeth.

Unlike a regular brace, the Inman Aligner provides a constant gentle pressure on the teeth, easing them back into place far more quickly and much less painful.


The Inman Aligner is easy to use and can be inserted and removed at any time, allowing eating and brushing to continue as normal. Once teeth have moved to the desired position, a very discreet retainer holds them in place, so they remain in their new position.

What are the benefits: Straight, natural-looking, healthy teeth in 12 weeks! No injections or painful drilling! Once your teeth have been aligned, they can also be whitened if you wish. The Inman Aligner will to give you the straight, confident smile you always wanted but didn’t want to explore because you thought it would involve veneers.

What are the alternatives: Until now, the options to straighten front teeth involved either long fixed orthodontic treatments (train-track braces) or destructive restorative treatments such as veneers or crowns. Whilst conventional orthodontic treatment may be sometimes indicated, the Inman Aligner is often the treatment of choice for straightening front teeth.

The Treatment: You will require a consultation and up-to-date x-rays to determine if an Inman Aligner is an appropriate treatment option for you. Impressions are then taken of your teeth and sent to our laboratory for construction of the Inman Aligner. At the second appointment the Inman Aligner is fitted. You would then need to be seen at 2-3 week intervals for short appointments in order that your teeth can be gently smoothed to allow them to straighten. Treatment is generally complete within 12 weeks. So if you are  generally unhappy with the alignment of your teeth and longing for a beautiful, straight smile please call us for more information on this procedure.